Pastor Farouk

Dear in Christ Jesus,

Greetings in Jesus' name. The situation for the Christians has deteriorated badly within the last 36 hours, as ISIS has overtaken new areas:

1. Sinjar ( Northwest of Mosul) and around 30,000 + have been scattered around and on the mountains fleeing for their lives.

2. Telkeif; Batnai; Tel Esquff ( I.e. Bishops Hill); Bartella; Qara-quash; Al Gure; Ba'ashiqa; Bahzani.

Apart from Sinjar, which is mixed of minorities, all the above mentioned cities are mainly Christians. The ISIS has attacked churches and raised their flags on churches; and call upon their gods inside our churches. There was a massive exile yesterday and all night as the Kurdish army have left their positions and fled for their lives, thence people walked out leaving everything, even l mean every thing behind, just fleeing for their lives.

I was on the phone all night on the phone with brothers and sisters trying to help them find some sort of shelter as Erbil and Duhok were over occupied. Families covered streets; schools and parks. All churches' grounds have been occupied with families. It's a symbol of the abomination surfaced and emerged recently in this land. In Sinjar, they kidnap young girls and women and sold them as slaves. Kids and seniors died of thirst and hunger on the mountains.

We have called for urgent fasting and prayers. I believe it's a spiritual warfare more than a ground battle. During my personal prayer and the intercessory group's prayers, I found it's the old days monster, the old serpent, filled with hate and poison.

I trust the Almighty for a Divine intervention, yet we need an urgent move of the Holy Spirit to turn the scales and balance of the situation on the ground.

We need all sorts of help.

1. We need you pressing on your government and authorities to step forward and get involved.

2. We need NGOs to mobilize their gears and move into the country to save lives and treat the injuries.

3. We need supports to provide: food; medications; shelters; clean water; baby milk, etc.

4. Your prayers and intercessors will make a big difference. May the almighty bless richly always, Amen. Thank you

Sincerely Yours,
Pastor Farouk
Senior Minister/ Baghdad- Iraq